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Friday, January 26, 2007

New Chocolate Cookie

Oh, I forgot to tell you, we have a new cookie on our menu. One of the requests we constantly get is to have more chocolate cookies, and I will admit we've been short on chocolate offerings. So, in answer these requests I went about developing a chocolate cookie. You know my preference- a cookie with a good bite, definite flavor, real ingredients and no preservatives. After several months’ work and many tests I have one worthy of Linda's Gourmet Cookies. I call it the Double Chocolate Delight. I guess I went overboard on the chocolate and added chocolate to chocolate. However, the flavor is delicious. It's a chocolate cookie made with rich cocoa. Then, to double it up, I decided to dump our special blend of chocolate chips into it. So, now you have a chocolate cookie filled with chocolate chips.

For me this was like giving birth to a child. It took some time and effort, but you love the result.

Monday, January 08, 2007

Wonderful Gifts

One of the things I like most about baking cookies is seeing people really enjoy them and give them as gifts to others. I know it borders on bragging but I just had to share this letter about some gifts that were sent out.

Linda, Everyone has been telling me how good the cookies are. Unfortunately (or fortunately) I now know how good they are. Thank you for the gift.

It is really a very professional package. You have a great presentation and of course the great tasting cookies.

One of the guys told me he ate 1/2 the cookies (30) in a day and his wife had to freeze the rest so he would not eat them. Another had company who started to eat them and then she had to hide the rest for herself. Now I know why.