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Thursday, October 19, 2006

New Cookies From Gluten Free Flour

I have just started baking some new cookies made from gluten free, wheat free flour for those of you on restricted diets.

I first got into gluten free products because of my husband's special diet, but was reluctant to offer them for sale because the taste was different than our other cookies. However, at the request of one of the doctors, I started to work on improving them. Now we have been successful at making them taste to same as our other cookies. Even in those famous "taste tests" (we had people try them) everyone said the cookies from gluten free flour tasted the same as our other cookies.

So, we now have four cookies made from gluten free, wheat free flour. They are

  • GF Gooey Butter Squares

  • GF ToDieFor Bars

  • GF Pecan Crisps

  • GF Chocolate Chip Pecan Meringues

You can order them at http://www.LindasGourmetCookies.com/gluten_free.html

You can also order gifts and trays from these same cookies.